When we saw the Woodwarm Phoenix range of multi-fuel stoves we knew we had to have one on live display in our showroom – as they are without a doubt the best burning stoves we have ever seen.

The manufacturer’s blurb is impressive: high efficiency (up to 84.3%); high performance, low emissions; all models approved for use in smoke control areas; passive air system; clean burning air wash system.

Yet it’s not until you stand in front of the “Fireblaze” in our showroom and feel the intensity of the heat and marvel at the spectacular flames, that you can’t fail to appreciate the wonder that is a Woodwarm Phoenix stove.

Also impressive are their adjustable riddling plates – changing from wood-burning to solid fuel mode with the turn of a small lever – a simple and elegant feature that we’re only too happy to show everyone who comes into the showroom!

It isn’t hard to figure out why the Woodwarm Phoenix stoves are by far our most popular and best-selling stoves. Available in three freestanding models (4, 5 and 6kW), each with a range of height options, and also a sleek 5kW inset model, we passionately believe they are the best burning stoves on the market today.