The Snow is on its Way!

Snowy drivewayWith the temperature in Lancashire due to drop below zero, the last thing you want is for your heating to be affected. That’s when wood-burning stoves come into their element. There are very few things that can go wrong when you have a well-maintained stove – cracked water pipes, failed oil deliveries due to closed roads, electricity power lines damaged – none of these affect you when you’re sitting warm and cosy in front of a wood burner. Some woodburning stoves can also be fitted with a boiler to connect to your existing heating system.
Why not pop in to our Clitheroe showroom and have a chat with our experts about how Stove Living can help you survive the winter in good spirits!

Wood-burning Stoves in a Conservatory

Wood-burning stoves can be fitted almost anywhere in your home with no need for a chimney. Stove Living have installed many woodburners into conservatories and find that the Rais Viva 98 stove is a popular choice, primarily due to its sleek cylindrical design and the option to rotate the stove to direct the heat.

Here are some pics of our recent Rais Viva 98 installations in Lancashire, including those fitted in conservatories. Almost any woodburner can be fitted in this manner – contact us or pop into the showroom and we’ll be happy to discuss the available options for your conservatory or sun room.

Rais Viva 98 in Conservatory

Rais Viva 98 in Conservatory

Rais Viva 98 on Turntable

Rais Viva 98 on Turntable, allowing the entire stove to easily rotate to direct heat in any desired direction

Rais Viva 98 in Conservatory with 2-piece Glass Hearth

Rais Viva 98 in Conservatory with 2-piece Glass Hearth

Rais Viva 98 in Conservatory

Rais Viva 98 in Conservatory

Rais Viva 98 in Mocha

Rais Viva 98 in Mocha

Stove Living Installation - Rais Viva 98 3-sided in Nickel

Rais Viva 98 3-sided in Nickel

Stove Living now Lancashire’s Number 1 Stove Supplier

Stove Living are now the Number 1 supplier of wood burning stoves in Lancashire. Recently added to our range of the best wood burning stoves available are Town & Country making our portfolio of high quality stoves unparalleled.Town & Country have been producing high quality stoves from their Yorkshire factory for almost 40 years. These robust wood burners come in all shapes and sizes, including models with very high outputs (up to 14kW) and huge viewing windows suited for larger properties. They even offer wood burning stoves with remote control to make relaxing by the fire even easier.

With this exclusive new brand added to our already impressive portfolio, including Woodwarm, Rais, Dovre, Charnwood, DG Fires, Lotus and many more, we can confidently claim that no other stove showroom in the North West has such a stunning collection.

We also offer a full installation service throughout the North West, whether it’s replacing an existing unit or building a complete be-spoke fireplace, Stove Living engineers can create your dream fireplace from start to finish.

Town & Country Little Thurlow Stove

Town & Country Little Thurlow Stove


The Wonder of Wood Burning Stoves

When the weather is cold and chilly outside, it’s hard to beat the feeling of being snuggled up close to a natural wood burning stove. Modern stoves are efficient, clean and able to burn well without adding excessive smoke to the atmosphere. Often the wood being burned can be sourced nearby from sustainable woodlands, which means more local jobs and no nasty chemical pollutants being released into the environment, creating a genuine win/win for all concerned.
Fiery Technology
The wood burning stoves for sale today have many options available and they are able to perform multiple functions beyond heating. With the right design and fittings attached, a range cooker can be used for cooking food or heating water and hydronic units can also be connected that disperse heat to panels installed throughout the house. Fireplaces can be used to channel heat to a greenhouse in winter as well as to generate electricity through the use of steam turbines and thermoelectric generators.
All across the internet can be found various forums filled with people enthusiastically championing the benefits of a return to more natural forms of heat generation that don’t depend on being connected to the electricity grid or shipping in fuel from far off places.
Going Greener
There are also numerous videos depicting working examples of an incredibly diverse range of customisations, many of which are commercially available for a very reasonable price. Yet many more tinkerers and hobbyists are busy toiling away in garden sheds across the country in pursuit of cleaner, greener natural technologies that are cost efficient and easily replicated to ensure they are spread far and wide into the general community.
Owning a wood burning stove can bring simple and forgotten pleasures back into the home by reviving lost arts and traditions that were once the staple of yesteryear. Food cooked over natural heat somehow always tastes better and this is an area of growing interest to restaurateurs and homemakers alike.
Slowing Down the Pace
With the rise of fast food and a go, go, go mentality where everything seems to be digitally on-demand at the flip of a switch, there are many who seek to reverse the trend by taking the time to savour the simple things in life.
There is a slow food movement that has been gradually gaining momentum over the past decade, that intentionally stands in opposition to the relentlessly increasing acceleration and commercialisation of modern life. These folk revel in cooking with fresh ingredients plucked from the back garden. They see beauty and value in baking hand kneaded bread from scratch in a wood fired oven or in collecting eggs from chickens allowed to free range in the back yard.

The Hearth of the Matter
Deep conversations with family and friends around the hearth of a kitchen fireplace is something that has not, nor will not fade away despite the insatiable push to sell the latest and greatest toys science has to offer. Fire is primal, evocative, comforting and practical in a way that only timeless things can be. Modern life can still provide great comforts and fireplace technologies continue to evolve while bridging both the past and the future in elegant and heart-warming ways.

Four Tips for Making the Most of Your Wood Burning Stove

Nothing compares to the natural radiance of a wood burning stove in terms of warmth, atmosphere and the sense of being connected to the elements of nature. Wood gives off such a wonderful aroma as it burns and the glow of the dancing flames is completely mesmerizing and tranquil to watch.
There are a few things to remember though, particularly in the depths of winter when it’s freezing cold or even snowing outside. Some of these tips may seem obvious at first but they are important to keep in mind when it comes to receiving maximum enjoyment from a wood burning stove on those bitterly cold winter evenings.
• Be certain to stock up on firewood as early as possible, even before the need for a daily fire becomes necessary. The selling of firewood is a seasonal business and there are great bargains to be had when nobody else is buying or as the season is just beginning to ramp up. Conversely, the depth of winter is when the demand for firewood peaks and the price will be at its highest. A general rule of thumb is to buy in as much wood as the available storage space will allow, earlier rather than later.

• Only through a process of trial and error is it possible to know how much fuel a particular wood burning stove will require for an average burn. There are many variables such as the size of the home and preferred room temperature, the species of wood used and how small or large the individual pieces of wood have been cut, to name but a few. Once the necessary amount is clear, always ensure that there is enough fuel inside the house to keep the fire burning all day and night if need be. Having to leave a cosy fireplace to trudge outside and restock dwindling supplies to keep the warmth lasting throughout the night is an unpleasant task that is easily avoided with a little forethought.

• Try and ensure the woodpile is kept as close to the house as possible. Wood can be extremely heavy and carrying it by the armload or wheelbarrow can be physically taxing, not to mention dangerous should a log just happen to slip and land on tender feet and toes.

• Learn to master the flow of air into the firebox to ensure maximum fuel efficiency and warmth is obtained. Nobody likes to see good money going up the chimney as lost heat rather than captured heat that can be used to warm family and friends in the home. Generally when the fire is first lit there needs to be sufficient oxygen to help the fuel fully catch alight. After the wood is properly burning and embers have been generated, it’s time to shut the air down as much as possible to ensure slow combustion occurs. Often one decent sized log can last an entire night when the stove is used to its maximum efficiency.
Natural wood burning fires are a joy to behold and with minimal advance preparation one is more fully able to reap the benefits and reduce unnecessary costs and physical discomfort.

The Country Living Bembridge from Charnwood

The Charnwood Benbridge

The Charnwood Bembridge 5kW Wood-burning Stove for Country Living Magazine

Stove Living are pleased to announce the result of an exciting new collaboration between Charnwood and Country Living Magazine: the Bembridge 5kW wood burning stove, designed and manufactured on the Isle of Wight for Country Living. With a nod towards a traditional wood burner the Bembridge engages the trend for the decorative yet still retains a modern, classic look.

Susy Smith, Editor of Country Living Magazine spoke of the launch of the new stove:

“I am delighted with this exciting new collaboration between Country Living and Charnwood. Both are well established British brands with a valuable heritage. By combining our design skills, technical expertise and knowledge of the market we have produced The Bembridge, a wood burning stove that epitomises the Country Living look.”

BRITISH MADE: The Bembridge is British built from the best combination of materials and components sourced from the UK. The castings, sheet steel and brick materials are from the West Midlands while the wooden door handles are turned by hand using British Beech from Yorkshire. The ceramic glass is sourced from Coventry.

CUSTOM BUILT: The Bembridge comes in a choice of five colours: Black, Almond, Gunmetal and two exclusive new signature Country Living shades – Soft Green and French Grey. An optional store stand, reciprocating grate (for easy ash removable) and a heat shield are also available.

EXCEPTIONAL EFFICIENCIES: The Bembridge uses the very latest combustion technology and has been designed and independently tested to stringent European standards making it one of the most efficient stoves on the market today. So low are the emissions The Bembridge is DEFRA exempted – allowing wood to be burnt in smoke control areas. Delivering 5kW of heat to the room the stove is incredibly simple to operate with one single air control and a removable door handle for safety.

The Country Living Bembridge will be available to view from end of July 2015 in the Stove Living Showroom in Clitheroe, Lancashire.

Spartherm Cubo M Wood-burning Stove

Stove Living are delighted to take delivery of a Spartherm Cubo M wood-burning stove to display in our Clitheroe showroom.

The aesthetically pleasing Spartherm Cubo range of stunning 5.9kW wood-burning stoves with their rounded corners and beautiful handles boast very high heat efficiencies (>80%) and cleanburn technology.

The Cubo M conceals a heat storage system that absorbs heat while the fire is in use, slowly releasing the absorbed heat into the room, resulting in prolonged heating of your room. The Cubo M can rotate 90–180° for ideal viewing of the flame.

Available in colour options nero (black), graphite, pearl, terra and amarone.

Cubo M in Pearl

Cubo M in Pearl

Cubo L in Graphite

Cubo L in Graphite

Cubo S in Pearl

Cubo S in Pearl

Feel free to pop into the Stove Living showroom in Clitheroe, Lancashire for a warm welcome and to experience the Cubo M, as well as the large selection of other wood-burning and multi-fuel stoves.

RAIS Visio 03 insert stove

The Closest You Can Get to an Open Fireplace

When aesthetics is your top priority, when your wood-burning stove must be an insert, and when you want to feel the heat, the aroma and the sound of the crackling fire… The newly-designed Visio from RAIS is the closest you can get to an open fireplace. Here, the fire is surrounded by transparent glass so you can enjoy the dance of the flames in the middle of your home… The stove opens using a delicate handle of solid bog-oak. The pane disappears thanks to a technically refined raising and lowering system. You can now freely add wood to the fire and enjoy it without a filter. So it is probably time to spend some quality time by the fire? When the vegetative period is over or when the party is over, you can lower the window and the stove will become an efficient heat source in your home. An advanced air system keeps the windows impressively clean, making sure that you always see the fire at its best. Visio offers several special, sophisticated design solutions for connoisseurs. Visio 3 with glass on three sides. Visio 2 with two glass panes on the sides of your choice. Benefits: Brings a touch of sublime elegance to your home. Delicate stained bog-oak handle. Available with black steel or stainless steel edge.

Choosing your new stove

Before you buy your new stove, you may want to consider the following:

  • Do you want a stove in classic design in cast iron?
  • Modern design in cast iron or sheet steel?
  • What is the distance to flammable materials?
  • How many square meters and how many rooms do the stove need to heat up?
  • Is the stove the primary heating source or is there also an oil-fired burner or electric heating systems in place?

The most important issue is whether the stove can be installed where you want to place it. You do need to pay attention to the size of the stove, and the distance to flammable materials.

Which size?

It is important to find the right size of the stove, so that you are able to get the optimal effect from it. Be careful not to buy a stove which is too large, as the heat can be too overwhelming.
The stoves nominal effect are stated in kilowatt (kW). A rule of thumb is that 1 kW is able to warm up 10 square meters if the house is poorly insulated. If the house has a good insulation then 1 kW should be able to warm up 20 square meters.

Which type?

There are 2 different kinds of stoves: convection stoves and radiant heat stoves.
Convection stoves are the new generation of stoves. The stoves warm up the air and send it around the room. It gives a pleasant and homogeneous temperature overall.
The radiant heat stove has been used for centuries. The heat is concentrated around the stove. The air around the stove gets very hot, and the room drops in temperature the further away you get from the stove.
Convection stoves, like the ones from Aduro, can typically be placed closer to flammable materials than radiant stoves.

Stove Living chosen to represent Charnwood

Stove Living are delighted to have been chosen by Charnwood to represent them as their premier dealership in The Ribble Valley.

This welcome addition to our portfolio complements our outstanding range of high quality classical and contemporary stoves from the UK and Scandinavia’s finest stove makers.

Charnwood, run by second and third generations of the same family, have been designing and manufacturing stoves for nearly 40 years. They are dedicated to providing products of enduring design and of the highest quality.

“There is nothing quite like a real fire to give that enduring warmth to your home and Charnwood’s wood-burning and multi-fuel stoves do just that. Ultra-efficient and incorporating the latest and best clean-burn technologies these stoves not only look great but will heat your home in a very efficient manner”