When the weather is cold and chilly outside, it’s hard to beat the feeling of being snuggled up close to a natural wood burning stove. Modern stoves are efficient, clean and able to burn well without adding excessive smoke to the atmosphere. Often the wood being burned can be sourced nearby from sustainable woodlands, which means more local jobs and no nasty chemical pollutants being released into the environment, creating a genuine win/win for all concerned.
Fiery Technology
The wood burning stoves for sale today have many options available and they are able to perform multiple functions beyond heating. With the right design and fittings attached, a range cooker can be used for cooking food or heating water and hydronic units can also be connected that disperse heat to panels installed throughout the house. Fireplaces can be used to channel heat to a greenhouse in winter as well as to generate electricity through the use of steam turbines and thermoelectric generators.
All across the internet can be found various forums filled with people enthusiastically championing the benefits of a return to more natural forms of heat generation that don’t depend on being connected to the electricity grid or shipping in fuel from far off places.
Going Greener
There are also numerous videos depicting working examples of an incredibly diverse range of customisations, many of which are commercially available for a very reasonable price. Yet many more tinkerers and hobbyists are busy toiling away in garden sheds across the country in pursuit of cleaner, greener natural technologies that are cost efficient and easily replicated to ensure they are spread far and wide into the general community.
Owning a wood burning stove can bring simple and forgotten pleasures back into the home by reviving lost arts and traditions that were once the staple of yesteryear. Food cooked over natural heat somehow always tastes better and this is an area of growing interest to restaurateurs and homemakers alike.
Slowing Down the Pace
With the rise of fast food and a go, go, go mentality where everything seems to be digitally on-demand at the flip of a switch, there are many who seek to reverse the trend by taking the time to savour the simple things in life.
There is a slow food movement that has been gradually gaining momentum over the past decade, that intentionally stands in opposition to the relentlessly increasing acceleration and commercialisation of modern life. These folk revel in cooking with fresh ingredients plucked from the back garden. They see beauty and value in baking hand kneaded bread from scratch in a wood fired oven or in collecting eggs from chickens allowed to free range in the back yard.

The Hearth of the Matter
Deep conversations with family and friends around the hearth of a kitchen fireplace is something that has not, nor will not fade away despite the insatiable push to sell the latest and greatest toys science has to offer. Fire is primal, evocative, comforting and practical in a way that only timeless things can be. Modern life can still provide great comforts and fireplace technologies continue to evolve while bridging both the past and the future in elegant and heart-warming ways.